We seek companies that manufacture unique or value-added food products, with efficient low cost manufacturing processes and superior management teams. Utilizing our industry knowledge and contacts, our objective is to accelerate the company’s growth, increase its profitability and exit the investment within a three to five year timeframe yielding an above average return to our investment partners. We work closely with the sellers, management teams and financial partners to develop growth plans and capital structures that will ensure the success of our portfolio companies.

We leverage our industry contacts. The General Partners of Plaza Belmont Management Group have over 80 combined years of experience acquiring and operating food manufacturing companies. We have numerous and wide-ranging industry contacts. In many cases, these contacts allow us a preemptive look at opportunities and the ability to acquire companies outside of the auction process. These contacts also have proven very beneficial in the sale or exit process. In addition, we frequently utilize our food industry network to find candidates to supplement the management teams of our portfolio companies.